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Indiana Rural Water Association (IRWA) has a long history of dedication and commitment to addressing the needs of Indianaís small systems. In addition to the educational opportunities we offer to operators, managers, and those in responsible charge of utilities, we also have a mutually beneficial teaming arrangement with the American Water Works Association, Indiana Section and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management that has enabled us to serve our industry in new and exciting ways.

IRWA is a membership supported organization. Your dues and fees fully fund our staff and our programs. Our Board of Directors, consisting of seven utilities and two associate members, answer only to you, our membership. Please keep in touch with us regarding ideas for educational topics, how we can better serve the industry, news to be posted on this website, etc.

IRWA recognized the need to enhance communications between utility operators and their boards regarding rules, responsibilities, etc. The new "IRWA Utility Manual for Board Members and Other Decision Makers" is a unique publication that can assist in creating a better understanding of these items and much more. Please click here for more information.

IRWA has established a water and wastewater operator education fund in honor of the late Marilyn Gambold. Marilyn's vision was to provide quality educational opportunities for operators, and this endowment will help ensure her dream lives on.

A number of individuals and companies have given generously to the Marilyn Gambold Education Fund thus far. Please refer to the Gambold Education Fund button of this website for a listing of those who are helping Marilynís legacy remain strong.

Mail your tax deductible contribution check (made payable to IRWA) to:

Indiana Rural Water Association
Attn: Marilyn Gambold Education Fund
P. O. Box 679
Nashville, IN 47448

Thank you for your consideration and support as we move forward to make certain Marilyn's legacy remains strong for years to come.

Indiana Rural Water Association

P.O. Box 679

Nashville, IN  47448

866-895-4792 Office (Toll Free)

855-202-7298 Fax (Toll Free)

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