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FYI-Small Systems Newsletter

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As part of Indiana Rural Water Association's on-going commitment to the water industry in the State of Indiana, we are heavily involved with the Indiana Section American Water Works Association.  Odetta chairs the Small Systems Committee and serves on the Water Utility Council, Education Committee, Water for People Committee, Public Information Committee, Awards Committee, Program Committee, and Arrangements Committee.

Thru this unique partnership, IRWA can better serve the small systems in Indiana, have access to an unlimited number of resources and areas of expertise, and help to impact the legislative needs of our industry.

The Small Systems Committee publishes a newsletter which is directed toward operators of small and medium water systems (up to 10,000 customers) and the boards that oversee these systems. FYI-Small Systems is mailed to all operators that are certified to operate small and medium water systems in the State of Indiana – regardless if they are members of AWWA, IRWA, or any organized water association.

The Indiana Section – AWWA has committed the financial resources to make this happen. The goal -- to provide pertinent information in a concise format that will serve to inform the readers of their responsibilities, technical concerns, upcoming deadlines, educational opportunities, and much more!!

The Small Systems Committee consists of:

Odetta Cadwell of Indiana Rural Water Association

Neal McKee of Indiana-American Water - Noblesville

Jeff Morris of M.E. Simpson Co.

Gale Gerber of Nappanee Utilities

Chris Johnsen of Indiana-American Water

Brian Reed of E.J. Prescott, Inc.

Liz Melvin of Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Drinking Water Branch

Bridget Murphy of Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Drinking Water Branch

Mike Ward of Indiana-American Water - Kokomo

Bryan Forker of Indiana-American Water - Greenwood

Kraig Cummings -- Citizens Water

Jeremy Lollar -- City of Westfield

Kent Elliott -- Banning Engineering


Please check out each issue and give us your feedback. We are always looking for ideas for future newsletters.