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Water Solutions Unlimited, Inc.

Mike Ricks
295 Industrial Drive
Franklin, IN 46131
(317) 736-6868
(317) 736-4322

Water Solutions Unlimited has been in business since October of 1987. WSU specializes in Municipal Water Treatment. 

Areas of Focus for Water Solutions Unlimited
--- Control and Reduction of Disinfection By Products-TTHMs and HAAs
--- Reducing TOCs
--- Reduction of organics and biofilm in Distribution systems
--- Improvement of Chlorine Residuals at all points in a system
--- Handling high natural ammonia issues
--- Corrosion Control in distribution systems
--- Implementation of Corrosion Coupon Racks
--- Sequestering of Iron and Manganese
--- Handling Iron Bacteria Issues that cause sliming and plugging of aerators and burden in the plant
--- Cleaning Filter Media
--- Reducing Algae in Lakes and Reservoirs
--- Tower Circulation and Optimization
--- Selling of chemical pumps and tanks
--- Hi-E Dry Dehumidifiers
--- Now expanding the chemicals to include products such as sodium hypochlorite, fluoride and others