IRWA’s recent 2017 Water Institute was a great success……

IRWA’s recent 2017 Water Institute was a great success and we have so many fantastic supporters to thank!!

Thank you — M.E. Simpson Co. and Ford Meter Box for coordinating a new event — Shooting Clays. All participants had a great day — novices and pros alike!! A special thanks to Jeff Cunningham (M.E. Simpson Co.) for all of his efforts in making this happen!!

Thank you — Utility Supply Company for putting together a fun night at 33 Brick Street. We truly appreciate Ed Nugent’s (Utility Supply Company) hard work and support on this special occasion, and we would also like to thank the following for their participation as well:  GRW, JCM Industries, Mueller Co., Ford Meter Box, EJ, Neptune

Thank you — to all of our exhibitors and attending vendors!! We appreciate your support of IRWA events and also your patience and understanding as we settle in to our new December venue.

Finally — Thank you — to the French Lick Resort. The accommodations were awesome and the service was outstanding.