Environmental Manager 2; IDEM; Indianapolis, IN


There is an Environmental Manager 2 position open in the Technical and Logistical Services Section in the Watershed Assessment and Planning Branch in the Office of Water Quality at IDEM. Job Opening ID: 618892. It closes on 10/17 and is posted for internal and external candidates. The job description is as follows: IDEM is filling a Quality Assurance Officer for the External Data Framework (EDF) and a laboratory analyst for the Blue-Green Algae Monitoring Program. The Quality Assurance Officer will help implement the EDF. This position will be responsible for developing an internal review process and assigning data quality levels to external data in the EDF. This person must be familiar with Federal and EPA approved analytical test methods for the analysis of various environmental samples (water, sediments, fish tissue, etc.). This position will also be responsible for internal and external data requests, media requests, and interpretation of data including, but not limited to trend analysis. This requires database, spreadsheet, and statistical experience. This person must be familiar with enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) analyses and have laboratory experience using equipment necessary to perform ELISA tests.