IRWA hosts two major statewide conferences per year (one during the third week of April and one during the first week of December). These enable certified water and wastewater operators to receive continuing education contact hours; as well as informing them, their utility boards, clerical staff, and elected officials of their legal responsibilities, new methods and technologies, construction and maintenance issues, etc.

IRWA organizes workshops throughout the year that are held at various locations around the State. All of our seminars and workshops, and the people conducting them, receive IDEM approval as to content and suitability in order to qualify our operators to receive continuing education contact hours.

IRWA hosted events allowed Indiana’s water and wastewater operators to obtain over 9,700 continuing education contact hours within the last year or so.

IRWA has a vast base of member resources to call upon to help communities address any given situation: experienced, certified water and wastewater operators; utility management professionals; backflow specialists; engineers; grant administrators; manufacturers; distributors; equipment companies; well drillers; chemical distributors; testing laboratories; lawyers; water tank specialists; accountants; construction contractors; contract services companies; leak detection analysts; hydrogeologists; and various other water related experts.

Membership dues to join IRWA are as follows:

(renewable upon anniversary date of membership)

Water & Wastewater Utility Membership
(one vote per utility)

Number of meters in operation (or approximate population served) as of January 1 of each year Annual Dues
1-300 (approx. 3 to 750 population) $100
301-600 (approx. 751 to 1500 population) $140
601-1000 (approx. 1501 to 2500 population) $190
1001-1500 (approx. 2501 to 3750 population) $245
1501 – 3000 (approx. 3751 – 7500 population) $320
3001 meters and above (approx. 7501 population and above) $420

Non-Community Water Systems Membership — $90 Annual Dues
(one vote per system)

Associate Membership (Vendors) — $300 Annual Dues

Combined Membership (Corporate with Multiple Facilities) — $685 Annual Dues
(Call IRWA office to check applicability)


Membership Brochure- Registration Form