October 8, 2019; Rossville; New Asset Management Programs: Requirements for Funding & Permitting

Asset Management Planning with emphasis on Technical Asset Maintenance Planning. Be ready for your State Revolving Fund or USDA Rural Development loan and learn the importance of having an Asset Management Plan (AMP), where to get the information needed, and tools to help you develop and implement your AMP.

Asset management planning supports cost-effective, proactive decision-making, incorporating operation and maintenance and capital improvement planning to replace/upgrade utility assets. Having an AMP is not only good practice, but asset management planning is also a requirement for obtaining financing through the SRF and USDA-RD. In this training you will learn about asset management planning and work through the technical portion of an AMP to earmark components that are critical to the utility, components that need repaired, and schedule and track regular maintenance.

What is an Asset Management Plan (AMP).
Where do you get the information required for an AMP.
Develop a technical portion of an AMP.
Leave with tools to start your own AMP.
How an AMP assists in the IDEM permitting process.
How you can achieve AMP results independently.

NOTE: IRWA will extend member rate registration on this workshop to InAWWA members as we continue to serve on and collaborate with their Education and Small Systems Committees.

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June 27, 2019; Operator Symposium South; Huntingburg

A Full Day of Sessions!!

(IDEM approval pending — 5 water hours and 5 wastewater hours)

Registration at 8:00am — Workshop begins at 8:30am — Lunch at Noon—Finish at 3:15pm

  • New Networks Brass, Pipeline Products & Pipe Restraints – Tim Babb; Ford Meter
  • BoxSurge Suppression Sleeves & Other New and Innovative Products – Roger Riddle; JCM Industries
  • New Water Reports Due in July – Jeff Cunningham; M.E. Simpson Company –
  • Bring Your Questions!Lead Line Replacement – Tom Franklin; Midas / Culy
  • Recommended Installation Techniques Of Seals, Coatings, Valve Applications & Other Products – Brandon Hines; FACO

(NOTE:  Registration is limited, so please send in your registration soon)

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June 6, 2019- Operator Symposium North; Culy Contracting

This two-part workshop will cover:
MORNING SESSIONS (IDEM approval pending — 4 water hours and 4 wastewater hours)
Registration at 7:30am — Workshop begins at 8:00am — Lunch at Noon
Jacob Swanson; Avanti
Josh Cole; Doheny Companies
Pipe Bursting — Matt Moser; Midas / Culy
Fusible PVC Pipe Systems — John Kosiur; Underground Solutions

AFTERNOON SESSIONS (IDEM approval pending — 3 water hours and 3 wastewater hours)
Lunch at Noon — Registration at Noon — Workshop begins at 12:45pm
Manhole Scanner — Eric Nunez; Midas / Culy
Lead Replacement Program— Tom Franklin; Midas / Culy
Valve Insertion and Line Locating — Scott Lewis; Lewis Municipal Sales

Join us for all day or just half a day — whatever fits your schedule!!
(NOTE: Registration is limited, so please send in your registration soon)

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