About Us

  • IRWA’s Mission –
Since our founding in 1968, IRWA’s mission has been to provide education and technical assistance to water and wastewater operators, utility boards, clerks, elected officials, and others in Indiana.
  • IRWA is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is totally member supported. We do not receive tax monies or funding from any national organization. Our focus is solely to serve Indiana’s water and wastewater industry.
  • IRWA provides numerous educational opportunities throughout the year. IRWA’s conferences and workshops are approved by IDEM or other appropriate regulatory agencies in order to award our attending operators and professionals contact hours.

    • Two State Conferences per year (April and December) with sessions for water and wastewater operators, clerks, utility boards, elected officials and professional engineers.
  • IRWA’s relationships and partnerships with others allows us to be the voice for small systems with regulators and legislators.
  • IRWA’s involvement with Indiana Section AWWA links us to the larger industry picture — both statewide and nationwide.
  • IRWA has vast member resources to call upon to help communities address any given situation:

    • experienced, certified water / wastewater operators
    • management professionals
    • backflow specialists
    • engineers
    • grant administrators
    • manufacturers
    • distributors
    • equipment companies
    • well drillers
    • chemical distributors
    • testing laboratories
    • lawyers
    • water tank specialists
    • accountants
    • construction contractors
    • contract services companies
    • leak detection analysts
    • hydrogeologists
    • various other water related experts.
  • IRWA’s website contains a wealth of information and resources for utilities and operators. Please visit: www.indianaruralwater.org.

Look for the Windmill

Indiana Rural Water Association’s icon, the windmill, has been around for thousands of years and it continues to symbolize IRWA’s mission and dedication to the industry that we all so proudly serve.

We ask for your continued support of IRWA, and of each other, as we work together to provide the best water environment possible for our family, friends, and neighbors — today and in the future.

Working Together

IRWA works with IDEM on many levels:

  • Regular communication, regulatory issues, and educational opportunities.
  • Water & Wastewater Operator continuing education events.
  • Participation in many IDEM work groups: i.e. Ground Water Rules, Contamination Remediation Guidance, Operational Rules, New Well Construction, Operator Certification, etc.
  • Teaming with AWWA Indiana Section on past contracts with IDEM.

IRWA works with Indiana Section AWWA:

  • Small Systems Committee — To further benefit Indiana’s small systems, IRWA staff is actively involved in this Committee which publishes a twice yearly newsletter and conducts workshops.
  • Participates in InAWWA activities and serving on these additional committees:

    • Water Utility Council
    • Education
    • Public Information
    • Water for People
    • Program
    • Arrangements
    • Awards

IRWA works with IDNR:

  • Regular communication, regulatory issues, and educational opportunities.
  • Well Drillers / Pump Installers continuing education events.

IRWA works with other groups and agencies to address:

  • Backflow / Cross Connection Control issues.
  • Stormwater issues
  • Other issues that impact safe water in Indiana.


Indiana Rural Water Association has a long history of dedication and commitment to addressing the needs of Indiana’s small systems. In fact, we are celebrating over 45 years of service!! Our mutually beneficial involvement with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, the Indiana Section American Water Works Association, and other agencies and organizations has enabled us to serve our industry in exciting ways. We look forward to providing many more years of service to Indiana’s water community.